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Steel shell furnace body

Steel shell furnace body

Product category: Steel shell furnace body


Product Description

The advantages of steel shell furnace body: 

1. Simple production and operation, moderate labor intensity, small personnel investment. 

2. Heating temperature uniform, less burning loss, and uniform metal composition. 

3. High casting quality, fast melting temperature rises fast, the furnace temperature is easy to control. 

4. The temperature around the furnace is low and there is little smoke. Good operating environment. 

5. Commendable power saving effect, compact design. 

6. Water cooling coils are equipped above and below the induction coil to make the furnace lining heated evenly and increase the service life of the furnace lining. 

7. The induction coil is equipped with short circuit rings above and below, with magnetic leakage at the upper and lower ends of the shielding wire. 

8. Long arc shaped magnetic yoke is capable of shielding magnetic leakage and reducing external magnetic resistance, and it shows obvious effect of magnetic leakage around the shielding coil. Also, the magnetic yoke section is the inner side of the arc and the outer wall is seamlessly attached to increase the magnetic permeability area, providing the lower ring with a good support. Positive and negative spinning coil boosts the efficiency of the whole system.

Steel shell furnace body

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